Thursday, February 2, 2012

4 months and all packed

With us traveling on the 3 of Feb I decided to do the 4 month photos today.
Hezekiah is continuing to grow well and is 7,1kg (keeping on the 50th percentile curve) and 67cm tall (keeping on the 97th percentile curve).
He plays really well with toys now and has a few favourites - mostly those with a bell inside which make a lovely noise when he shakes them around.
He is full of smiles and laughs at peek-a-boo already. He loves watching you when you talk to him and when you move your tongue - and tries to move his tongue to copy you. He continues to absolutely LOVE bath time and kicks wildly.
Perhaps I can keep up with taking a photo of the children at the beginning of every month. It will be lovely to look through them after a year or two or three. If I really keep it going it will be wonderful to watch Hezekiah catch up to the girls and even overtake them.
The girls are SO excited about our trip to South Africa. They had decided themselves that they would go to bed early tonight as we will be leaving just after 2am.
Ruth is especially good with playing with Hezekiah. She loves picking him up and holding him.
It was beautiful to watch this flower open today.

Brendon got home a little early today which was nice. He went to fill up the car and then parked it by the back door so that we could pack it. Rachel told me that Ruth is so excited about having chewing gum for the first time (for when we take off to help with their ears). I had forgotten about it and so asked the girls to ride up to the shop to buy some.
Just after 7 they were all in bed (Hezekiah at 7:30). I am finishing this blog post off and then will try get to bed early myself. We have a 2am start tomorrow morning. So this is me - signing off from this computer. Hopefully I can get to do some blog updates while we are away (but no promises).

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