Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Nana

Nana had her 70th birthday party today. It was nice for her to have a special party like this with so many of her friends and family present. The food was lovely too (and extra nice when no one in the family has to do any preparations). I did not get many photos as Hezekiah was struggling with the heat inside. I eventually got him to sleep in the pram but had to stay with my hand on him to keep him settled as every time there was laughter or clapping with the speeches he almost woke up. At least a few others had their cameras snapping.
It was really hot - so although the idea of getting a nice family photo was there we were all feeling very hot in the sun and so they did not come out as nicely as I would have liked. At least we have one though - with everyone in it.
The children did not seem to be bothered by the heat and played outside wonderfully together.
A lot of us ended up looking for some shade outside and soon this massage train got started. It was lovely catching up with Caroline. Brendon and her have been friends since they were around 2. We last saw her at our wedding and her engagement party - some 15 years ago. It was lovely meeting her twins (who are already 12 - wow). Hopefully Rachel will get to visit with them before we head back to NZ.
Then we headed back to the Bucklands home and Nana opened all her presents. We all had a good laugh at all that happened around the kindle that she got from David and Joan. I wonder if at 70 you can change from reading an actual book to holding a little computer screen. We said if she does get the hang of it Grandpa is regularly going to see "Amazon" on his credit card statement. :-)
Some more fun with Uncle Frank.

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