Saturday, February 18, 2012

Family fun

We were a little late getting to our arranged swimming date with the cousins as we had a flat tire – again. This time there was no puncture but there was a leak around the rim from sand (although we have not driven on dirt roads at all). I am glad we could get it sorted.
The children again had a wonderful time in the pool together. Hannah really enjoyed the fish and net and Ruth borrowed some wings and flippers. Lisa has lent them to us for the week at Mabula as I am sure they will help Ruth with her swimming. They give her the freedom to enjoy the whole pool.
After the swim we had the two oldest cousins as a rock (under their two towels in the back ground) and the next to as a two headed mermaid. Hannah had been out for a while enjoying Nicole’s kitchen. So she was kitted out with apron and had made food for everyone – “just pretend though”.
These two get along so well. And Rachel and Matthew get along so well too even though there are 2 years between them. They are really enjoying every bit of time they have together.
Lisa gave us a lovely lunch of cold meat and salad rolls. And then it was time for more cousin photos. I will let you guess what Brendon was doing behind me to get these wonderful smiles.
Matthew then said we needed another one with Hezekiah. I am so thankful for the extra time they got to spend together today.
Then we headed back to Grandpa and Nana as we knew Uncle Frank and Aunty Maureen would be there – having driven up from Durban this morning and arriving after lunch. It did not take Hannah long at all to make friends with him – just like Rachel did when she was little. They had so many races that I am sure Frank will sleep very well tonight.

It was so special seeing Hannah so relaxed. It has been quite overwhelming for her to meet so many new people in such a short period of time. She does so well when the adults take the time to get down on her level and play with her. What a blessing and what wonderful memories.
It was boereworse rolls for dinner and as expected Ruth wanted to help Dad as much as she could. He started off helping her with turning the onions but she was soon able to do it on her own.

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