Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Peddle, paint and patient

Ruth is doing so well with riding on the bigger bike without side wheels. Hannah got the smaller one with side wheels and is getting really good at riding on the drive too. So the girls now love riding down the drive to have a picnic at "dragon tree" (Hannah named the tree at the entrance to the property). It's a 700m drive - so they do a good 1,4km ride every time. They are going to get nice strong legs. For a little while Ruth would need a bit of help to get going - so when she was off she just kept going. Rachel would patiently ride slowly at Hannah's pace. Ruth is doing well though and managing to get started on her own too.
The girls are just loving the long sunny days. It always amazes me how strong the sun is. There was a bit of cloud about on Tuesday so I hung Hezekiah's nappies on the clothes horse so that I could pull them inside if it did start to drizzle. Hannah was upset about the fact that they were still a bit yellow after the wash. I assured her that after just a couple of hours in the sun they would be white again. And they were.
And for those who are wondering - the super absorbent material folds in half - inside the fitted outer that gets put on like a disposable with Velcro straps. There are so many cloth nappies to choose from here. Each baby has had a different set and so far these are working really well. Each has their own advantages. They are all great though. So much better than the huge toweling nappies I used in SA.
On Tuesday Ruth came home with all her artwork from last week. I had watched her on Wednesday and was amazed at how much time she spent painting (and specifically hand prints last week). She really loves art and I am so glad for the regular time of painting she gets now - twice a week.
One of the feathers fell of one of Ruth's creations and so Hezekiah became Peter Pan. :-)
Hezekiah was also Hannah's patient today. She has had so much fun with the medical set.

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