Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First half

Ruth doing "Moving to Learn"
things with Hezekiah.

The first half of this week was so busy for me I felt like I had already had a whole week by the time I got to Wednesday. I had a late night on Sunday night and again on Monday night getting all the paperwork sorted for the house. We ended up going to the Justice of the Peace to get forms signed in front of him on Monday and Tuesday (I only got to the 2nd lot of paperwork late on Monday night).
Such fun music.
We have posted most of the stuff off in courier bags as there is quite a bit that needs to get sorted out by next Friday. We have 10 days to get everything sorted and then the contract goes unconditional.
The girls have really enjoyed their bike rides down to the post box - a good 700m ride. Today I snuck some biscuits into the bag Rachel took so that they could have a mini picnic once they had the post. Unfortunately Ruth hit some big stones and had a nasty fall. Thankfully there was not much bleeding but poor Hannah was sent to call me while Rachel pushed Ruth back on her own bike. Once Hannah got home I headed out in the car to pick Ruth up (and check on her - I had no idea how bad it was) and her bike.
She bounced back to her happy self soon enough.
Hannah so enjoys celery. We often have to limit how much she eats in one day. It's a favourite snack for her.
Hezekiah getting nice and strong. I often forget to put him on his tummy but Ruth reminds me. :-)
He still struggles at time with his tummy and wakes in the middle of his nap. We have found that sometimes having a cloth nappy close to his head helps him to settle. I had to laugh when I saw him today. He had pulled the nappy over his head and happily slept like that. I don't think I will be using the nappy much any more.

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