Monday, November 21, 2011

Drawing Lessons

A local home school group organized drawing lessons in town. Ruth's lesson was first so Rachel and I (with Hezekiah) headed off to get a load of errands done (including getting Rachel's Passport photos taken).
Ruth did this picture of a hedgehog. They were given just a few markings to help them get the basic shape right. She did such a lovely job. Especially noticeable was the effort she put into the eye. The teacher has told them about the light reflecting in the eye and she put that lovely sparkle in.
Rachel did this drawing of a deer. They were specifically shown how to do the shading and I think Rachel has done a wonderful job for her first go.
Once again the children were given a paper with a few markings on just to help them get their basic shape right. I was really impressed with what Rachel created.
While she was busy Ruth and Julia got playing with lego. They started building a bridge but I told them it looked like the Ancient Roman Aqueduct.
It ended up being HUGE.

There were a number of children attending the lessons and I think it was really enjoyed by all.
As Julia was the only one in the Love family wanting to do the animal drawing this week (cartoons are next week) she came with us and Hannah stayed with the Loves. This made it much easier for me. It was a very busy day though. We got home just in time for Rachel to head off with Dad to guides. We counted 12 different things that we got done today - not to mention the drawing lessons.

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