Friday, November 25, 2011

Boxes and packages

On Thursday Brendon got the boxes down from the garage. The older girls were off at an extra Ballet practice for the concert. Hannah felt very obliged to help as she had played in the car the other day and unbeknown to me had left ALL the lights on and the door open.
So the battery was flat and we had to push the car out the garage. She was a great helper though and enjoyed carrying some "big boxes" upstairs. We still have Elliott boxes from our move to NZ (40 of them). This will be the 3rd time they are used and Brendon will be glad to get rid of them and finally be in his OWN home.
I asked the girls to play with Hezekiah for a bit so that I could get some things done. This is what I found a little while later. King Hezekiah. The dress up has already started. Rachel said she is looking forward to when his head is big enough for him to wear the crown. :-)

On Friday there was a lot of grass cutting happening around the house. Poor Ruth is struggling with itchy eyes and coughing because of it. Her coughing has been quite bad so I took her to the doc this morning. I am glad I did as her chest was quite wheezy. The doc gave her an asthma pump for the times when it is really tight. I really look forward to getting back to the homeopath when she is back next year so that we can help Ruth with this long term and not just keep using the quick fix - symptom treating stuff.
The girls last posting for the year arrived today from the correspondence school. It's always fun to see them unpack and explore all the new puzzles, games and books. I asked the teacher if she could find any resources on South Africa with our trip in Feb coming up. She sent some lovely books. I think Rachel will start a unit study on South Africa too over the next couple of months.
Hannah having some fun sorting through Ruth's counting game.
Brendon tried to charge up the car's battery at the farm but it is dead. He had to go an buy a new battery today. Apparently if you get more than 2 years out of a battery it's a bonus - so the battery was actually quite old already and Hannah's light playing was obviously just too much for it.

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