Friday, November 4, 2011

Cars, cat nap and colic

Play centre again this morning with Music. Hezekiah even managed to sleep with all that noise (he should have been awake though - he was just too tired).
Back to the toy library this morning to get something different for Hannah's room time. They always have such fun on the first day. I love the way Hezekiah watched them playing with the cars. Not long my boy - and you will be joining them.
Brendon was pretty exhausted when he got home this afternoon. Hezekiah had been struggling with a sore tummy so Brendon said he would hold him (often it helps not lying flat on his back). A little while later Rachel saw this and could not resist taking a photo.
We all had a laugh when Hezekiah seemed to be trying to eat his octopus.
Thankfully the nap helped energise Dad and so Hannah got him roped into a game of Doctor.
He was also a great Dad to Hezekiah and gave him a lovely massage this evening. He has really been struggling with gas this week and after me spending two days trying to burp him for hours I mentioned the struggle on face book.
A friend then contacted me and helped me to understand that with colic the struggle is more with the gas in their gut. So massage is a great help in getting some of that gas moved along and out. It is so nice to finally know what we can do to help him when he is in so much pain. We do hope he grows out of this soon. Poor little guy.

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