Thursday, November 3, 2011

1 month and mozzarella

Hezekiah is 1 month old already. Rachel reminded me to take a teddy photo. I looked back and noticed that I had forgotten about this first photo for Hannah too. So nice to have Rachel to remind me. :-) And nice that Hezekiah even had his own teddy for this first photo. We have named the teddy Jonathan (after the gift giver).
Maureen visited again today. He is already 4.85kg - a good 1,12kg in a month. He is 59cm which is 5cm more. I had a look at Rachel's baby book and she put on 1,2kg and grew 5cm. So very similar gains for the two of them in their first month. It will be very interesting to see how it changes in the months ahead.
The girls made mozzarella cheese at play centre on Tuesday.
Rachel and I were quite jealous - we will have to learn how and make it at home some time. :-) Today the girls used their cheese to make "pizza" bread for lunch. Rachel even cut the bread in pizza slices. I think we will be making home made pizza in the near future. :-)

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