Friday, September 9, 2011

Easy flannel quilt

It has been lovely making this quilt for baby over the last couple of weeks. A friend has asked that I share how it's done. It really is such an easy quilt to make and the flannel is lovely and soft for baby.

First cut blocks. Ideally use 24x24cm of material - this will be a finished size of 20x20cm (if you want to work out how big your quilt will be). Cut the wadding 20x20cm. Remember you need two pieces of material for every piece of wadding. This gives you an seem of 2cm on each side. 
(On this quilt I made blocks 21x21cm with a finished size of 18x18cm leaving a seem of only 1,5cm. Just work out what will work on your material.)
Sew each block diagonally with matching pieces covering a piece of wadding. Try to centre the wadding so that you have the 2cm seem allowance all the way around.
Then plan your quilt and sew the blocks together in each row. Keep all the stitching to one side.
Then sew your rows together with stitching again to the same side. The top will look like this (left).

While the underside is smooth (right).
Now to do the finishing off by hand. This needs to be done around the edge and on each seam.
First fray about 1/2 the depth on the seam.
Then make small cuts around 3/4 deep.
Another option is to make the cuts first (this is easier for you to see).
And then fray each bit. But the fraying can take very long this way. It's up to you.

And that's it.

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Jacqui Cunningham said...

And that's it! You make it seem so easy! :D

Well done, and thanks for posting the instructions. I have an expecting friend and would love to make one for her baby!