Friday, September 9, 2011

Camera, quilt and clothes

My new camera arrived on Wednesday. I finally started looking at getting a replacement on the weekend as my current one is just very frustrating - long story. When I chatted to Brendon about which camera I thought might be nice to buy he had no hesitation. He said he has been waiting for me to decide what I wanted. So I have a better camera - a good 5 year warranty (so that I don't have this frustration again in 18 months) and it cost me LESS than my current camera.
The girls had a picnic lunch as they often do but Rachel came in asking that I come and take a photo of the "table" Ruth made for them. So a good opportunity to take my first photo with my new camera. :-)
It was nice to get the sewing finally finished on baby's quilt.
Now just to do all the finishing off on the edge and the other side. Brendon decided to have a look at the new camera and I ended up on the other side for a change.
On Thursday morning I heard Hannah and Ruth playing in the room when they woke up. I found Ruth had climbed into Hannah's bed and brought Patches with her. So much fun. :-)

On Friday morning I finished up the quilt. So nice to have that done.
Sarah had phoned on Wednesday to ask if Rachel would run Music and Movement for her on Friday as she had a wedding to go to. Rachel did a great job. She even made a chocolate cake for morning tea.
Rachel also had a go at the new camera and got this photo of Hannah and I. Another friend has lent me a bag of maternity clothes. It was so lovely to get to wear jeans for a change. There are so many lovely clothes that I am sure this will also help me in the waiting weeks ahead. I have all these lovely clothes I still want to get to wear.
We spotted this massive bee (if that's what it is) in the house one night - so it was a good time to test my new camera out a bit too.

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