Monday, September 5, 2011

36 weeks and enough of town

Yesterday I was 36 weeks. It really is the final stretch now. It was lovely to have something different to wear to church in town in the morning and good to catch up with friends at the church there as it will be our last visit before baby arrives. We got the last town shopping done before heading home and then off to bible study in the afternoon. So a rather long and tiring day but good too.
Ruth climbed up here on her own
and so Hannah wanted to join her.
She just needed a bit of help
from Dad though.
Today was just as busy with the girls and I out the door before 9am. Rachel had a follow up appointment in town and so I dropped the younger two off at the Love's home on the way in and then had organized to see Maureen for my 36 week check at her home in town after lunch.
It was great catching up with Maureen especially as two weeks ago she gave me a copy of "The Pink Kit" - a programme with books, DVD and audio books all about having skills to help in "Birthing better". I have been amazed at how much I have learnt. Even after having two water births at home I have been so blessed by this material and already feel so much more prepared for this labour and birth.
Maureen also gave me the birthing pool to bring home - so we will probably get that set up by next weekend (baby can be born at home from 37 weeks). It was interesting to find that baby had moved into a transverse position when I saw Maureen. I was sure it had to do with the traveling into town yesterday and today and it was confirmed for me when this evening I could feel baby had moved back to having his head down. So no more trips to town planned for me before this baby comes.
Rachel had Guides this afternoon and we got her to her lift just in time. So another very busy and exhausting day - but a good one.
Photo: Hannah helping Dad light a fire. Just to take the night chill off the air (and help dry the washing).

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