Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Snow - Part 1

There was not that much snow through the night. On one of my nightly trips to the bathroom I had a look outside. What a beautiful sight - a clear sky with the moon shining down onto a white garden. So pretty. The girls were thrilled though that by the time they were up it was snowing again - and quite heavily too.
Just after 8 Patches asked to go out. It was so funny to watch her playing in the snow. She really does love it.

At 9 I checked MetServices.
Christchurch's temperature was only 0.1 with a "feel like" of -7.
Quite a site to have snow forecast for almost the entire country. Last night those two suns where also snowflakes. It's been 35 years since Auckland last had snow so you can imagine the excitement when they even got to see some lovely white flakes falling.
By 9:30 the girls were ready to head out. Three weeks ago when we had snow I forgot to take a photo of the "long socks" that the girls wear. We all put nice warm socks on (two pairs for the younger girls) and then put a pair of Dad's socks over the top. They help keep our feet warm and dry and are so much fun for the girls too.
At 9:40 it was not even 2 - and that in the shelter outside the back door. That wind chill factor is really felt on days like this.
So much fun to see how the garden has changed.
By 10 the snow was coming down heavily again and the wind was bitterly cold - so they headed indoors to warm up.

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