Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sew, draw and fly

I finally got back to getting Hannah to spend time in her room each afternoon (it had not been happening for a couple of weeks). This has allowed me to get some one on one time with the older girls without her business around me. Ruth has loved getting started on her first puppet and it gives me time to read to them too. Although slow going Rachel and I are enjoying this book on China. We have learnt so much together.
While I read (and help Ruth) Rachel has gotten some drawing practice in. This the fairy she did yesterday.
And the princess she did today. She got this lovely file for her birthday (last year perhaps) and so it's great for her to finally have time in the day to get some drawing in. I have also gotten back to Fly Lady and am enjoying the feeling of getting things done each day. Even if it's just baby steps and getting little bits done at a time. I know I am working through it all and so that encouraged me.

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