Friday, July 22, 2011


We had a rough night with Hannah last night. She had been sounding a little funny today but when she went to bed and started coughing I guessed it was possibly croup. I phoned the free health line and after chatting for a while was sure it was croup but felt far less afraid of it. It really is terrible when you hear your child coughing and struggling to breath. We got loads of tips on how to stop the coughing and what the danger signs were to look out for. When it started again this evening (around 6:30) she new the drill - getting a few breaths of nice cold air. Croup is inflammation in the throat - so the cold air has the same affect I guess as putting ice on a bump to stop the swelling. Along with the excellent cough mixture we have she was able to have a good night last night. I did check on her at least 4 times through the night to make sure her breathing was still ok. Poor wee thing.

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