Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another good night

Thankfully Hannah had a really good night and is looking much better this morning. So much so that with all the extra energy she had we decided to put the girls exercise DVD on so that she could do something constructive with it. It was only 9:30am - so still too cold for them to head outside.

We also got to watch more of this lovely DVD. Rachel has really been enjoying her unit study on China and we have both loved seeing a lot of what we have read about. I have learnt so much from this DVD and I think we will end up watching it again before we send it back. It does have three 1 hour episodes on it though - so it's a lot of good watching. Then we will get the 2nd DVD. I highly recommend these DVDs and am very thankful for my friend mentioning them - they are excellent. Ruth was excited about seeing the fishing birds (pictured on the cover) in action as we had read about them in "Ping".

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