Sunday, July 10, 2011

Church library

We went into town for church this morning and Rachel was so pleased to get a big pile of books from the library again. I told her to take a few extra this time (she normally takes around 12 but today it was 16) as we don't get into town for church as regularly as we used to. I assured the librarian that at least half of them would be finished within two weeks (Steve drops the books off for us as he goes in every week).With Bible study starting at 4pm it makes the day very long with young children. As it was today. We had KFC for lunch - which was so exciting for the girls being their first KFC family meal - and then got some shopping done - as you do when the unique shops are an hours away. Hannah was in desperate need of a pair of gumboots - so it was good to finally get her kitted out with the wet weather finally here. There are a few birthday parties coming up soon - so we got a few presents too. We were running a bit late though and did not even let the younger girls get out the car but just unpacked the groceries (some had to get into the freezer), picked up my guitar and Brendon's note book and were off for Bible Study.
PS: Rachel had the first book finished by the time she went to bed. :-)

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