Monday, July 11, 2011

Cat toy and cradle cap

Brendon thought this was a strange toy to get out of the toy library but Hannah loves it and the girls have come up with so many games to play with it. And then today Patches found it was a lovely toy for her to play with too. :-)
When Maureen visited last month we got chatting about shampoo of all things and so it brought up the subject of Hannah's head. Maureen very quickly said "it's cradle cap" and suggested using oil to get it off. So finally today I got around to it and put oil on her head - gently massaging it into the area where the cradle cap was. We washed her hair when Brendon got home and just like that - her scalp is clean. No more yellow crusty skin on her head. How could I leave it for 3 years????? Especially when the solution was so simple? At least it's done though. It felt like the only thing I did get to do today though. I was exhausted after our long day out yesterday and was thankful for a very quiet day at home and a good afternoon nap.

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