Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ballet up and down

The up side of ballet today was that the Army is using the hall this week and so the girls got to see a lot of different army vehicles. The new phone Brendon bought me arrived yesterday - so it was nice to be able to get a photo even though it was not a very good one. It did get me to learn a bit about how the camera works though - so future photos should be better. :-)
The down side was that the girls got their exam reports. In previous years the examiners have always had such lovely comments. This year the examiner did not seem to worry much about telling the girls what they did right - but rather spent most of the time giving "constructive criticism" (as their teacher would like us all to view it). Well - to this proud Mum I just thought she was mean. The girls both did so well. Top of their class. With Commended for Ruth (78%) and Highly Commended for Rachel (80%) so I will just keep the focus on that. Perhaps the examiner was just in a bad mood and nervous about being in rocking Canterbury for the day. Not the kind of reports I am really bothered to keep to be honest. How can you tell a 4 year old who just got the highest mark in her class (with girls all 6 years old and over) that "the work is a little untidy at present."
I do have to be fair - in reading the reports again there are positive comments. It's just a pity that every sentence had to end in something negative. :( So - let me share the first part of the nicer sentences.
Rachel: "Feet and legs well extended and a pleasing turnout" and "the work shows great promise".
Ruth: "Ruth worked hard today" and "confidence is shown."

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