Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sun and rain

It's been quite strange to have to get used to having rain a few times over the last week. I had to remind myself that winter is actually our rainy season. So many South Africans think of New Zealand as being wet and cold all the time but we have had a rather mild winter up till June (especially compared to Jhb this year) and it's really dry in Canterbury. It feels like it's been ages since we had a good rain. Thankfully though - the sun did come out beautifully after lunch - with a wonderfully clear sky. The cats made the most of it too.
Within 20 minutes of taking that photo though we saw the next lot of weather building up over the mountains. It's always at times like this that Rachel starts hoping for snow. Blue skies above us and the rain arrives well before the clouds. It's always so light and when she sees it floating down like that she is bound to say "it looks like it might be sleet or snow." I do hope for her sake that we do get some good snow this year.
We had a fancy desert this evening. Another one of Rachel's prices. I bought some whipped cream and had some chocolate to melt to make them a little fancy - which the girls were so excited about. :-)

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