Saturday, July 9, 2011

Controlled sorting

Yes, I got back to my sorting today - with Brendon's help. He not only helped with the actual sorting but also made sure I rested enough through the day too. What a sweetheart. I got two more shelves done in the pantry and I am so pleased to have all the similar items together (baking, drinks, breakfast, dried fruit and nuts ect) but the BIG achievement today was to sort out the corner of the library upstairs that is used for storage. The boxes of bottles where heading up there - so in order to make sure it was not a huge mess it all needed to be re-packed. I have also just gotten into the mood of throwing out - so my criteria for if something is going to be needed again or not has changed. Brendon says it's "nesting". But with almost 3 months to go that seems a little early. It's great to feel more organized though. I finally have an inventory to all the bulk food items up stairs too - so no more ordering double or running out. It actually amazes me that I have not had all of this as well organized before - it sure is in my character to go overboard with the "control" of things - so I am glad I have been so relaxed in the past. But it's also great to have that little bit of information that will make things run a little more smoothly. :-)
During one of our breaks Ruth was doing some reading and for some reason sat between Brendon's feet to start with. It did not take long to get more comfortable and so Dad had a few books read to him.
Hannah has memorised a couple of the books so she even took a turn "reading" one to Dad.

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