Monday, July 18, 2011

29 weeks and party prep

Maureen called to ask if she could come this afternoon (rather than tomorrow afternoon) as she would be in the area. It was nice to get to see her again and the girls were excited about telling her all their news. Baby lay nice and still and so everyone got to hear his heartbeat without the sonic aid (just using a pinnards and fetascope). Maureen even heard it just putting her ear to my tummy. Again I appreciated her patience with the girls all wanting a turn (or two) with each apparatus and I was surprised when she got down on the floor to help Hannah build a puzzle when she was finished with me. It does help me to know she really is not in a hurry to leave and chooses to spend this time with the girls. They love her visits. She will come again in 3 weeks time (32 weeks) and then her visits change from every 4 weeks to every 2 weeks. So the girls will be thrilled with that. The time does seem short though as she will come at 32, 34 and 36 weeks and then her visits change to weekly!
I got the meat into the slow cooker early this morning. I wanted to take a photo to show you the size of the hare's back legs (bottom right).
The meat was lovely and soft and Rachel really enjoyed the meal. The rest of us finished our food but have decided we don't really like the wild taste. It reminded us of the duck we were given last year. At least this time I cooked it properly. (The duck was so tough last year).
We had originally planned to decorate the cake this afternoon - but with Maureen's visit that got changed around a bit.
Ruth helped Dad blow up balloons (they are so hard you have to blow them up with a bicycle pump) while Rachel and I got the first bit of the icing done. Then Ruth got to help with the final decorating. She had chosen to put hearts in the middle and write her name with glitter icing pens. I had to help her a bit with this as it's quite tricky to squeeze the icing out while you write.
The next feature she had chosen was to have a path in chocolate buttons. So that went on next.
She then had loads of fun putting all the flowers on. Good job Ruth.

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