Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A very colourful bunch

Today's colour activity was loads of fun for the girls - tearing up pages from magazines. Julia had given me some old magazines just for this purpose - so it was lovely to go hunting for different colours (and get those little fingers working).
A quick team effort got all the colours stuck on and it looked really good. It was lovely to reinforce the primary colours and mixing colours that we worked with earlier this week.
Ruth is doing really well and although yesterday at Ballet and again with practicing today she did not do any jumping, galloping or skipping, she still loved getting into her new tutu and dancing around. The new "favourite" music are the few extra songs I bought from the Wizard of Oz. Ruth had been trying to sing "If I only had a brain / heart" but did not know all the words. So she had specifically asked me to buy it for her. I also bought "Follow the Yellow brick road" and the girls have loved dancing around to them.
This evening we had the loudest meal we have EVER had. It was just so funny. Ruth started making up silly stories and as we laughed more she just got louder and funnier. Rachel eventually had such a sore stomach from all the laughing. Brendon just smiled and eventually decided to join in the fun by going to fetch his ear muffs. So that added to all the laughter.
Unfortunately the first photo I took (with him smiling) was all fuzzy again (frustrating camera which does not auto focus as quickly as it used to). But this one does capture the absolute joy and excitement on Ruth's face. She had so much fun as did the rest of us. She said afterwards that she likes making people happy. She is such a blessing to us all.
She is still sleeping in the double bed and one advantage is that Patches can spend a bit of time with her when she goes to bed. Once Patches is finished with her nap she can come out on her own (not possible with Ruth normally on the top bunk bed). Ruth was upset this morning when she woke and Patches was not there. We explained that Patches only slept for a little while with her and then came through to get some food. She does still sleep outside with Tiger. No cats inside this house at night. :-)

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