Thursday, June 2, 2011

Terrible headache

The girls enjoyed the coloured glasses / binoculars we made today. It's a pity I did not have different colours of this paper to let them look through different colours - but it still worked and they had fun.

Unfortunately Brendon arrived home with a terrible headache and went straight to bed. So I put a movie on for the girls while I finished up dinner preparations (one way to keep them quiet for over an hour). After dinner and the movie was finished I still wanted to keep them quiet so asked what they would like to do. The suggestion was play dough. So the little ones got stuck in - thinking it was so much fun to play with play dough in the EVENING until bed time.
Rachel was glad to get more time on her dress. She is sure she can get it done by Sunday. She is just so excited and it's looking great.
Thankfully Brendon was feeling a little better by 8 and managed to have some dinner. When he got home he immediately said I could make an appointment with the homeopath that I have seen (and I managed to get an appointment for tomorrow afternoon). I had asked him previously if he wanted to see her (on a day he had a headache) and he just said he does not have them that often so he was not bothered to go. I think today's one was so bad though that he has decided it really is worth trying to sort this out. All the doctors do when he has seen them about the headaches is give him pain killers (which don't even work). So I pray that the Lord would guide the homeopath to find a remedy that will help Brendon with this - long term.

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