Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lots of water

Even though they are summer dresses, with some long shirts underneath these fancy dresses from Nana can still be worn. The girls realized they are better to be left in the dress up box though as then they can wear them for playing every day if they like. Today they chose to head outside in their dresses - straight for the bucket of mud - when I was on the PHONE!!! Once I was finished with my call we had a good chat about the dresses and they decided it would be much nicer to change and be able to play with mud and climb trees. The dresses are now in the dress up box and I have a feeling they will be worn much more often (but not outside) in the future.
On our Bible Study theme of colours this week we had some fun with food colouring. The girls took turns stirring the water and choosing what colour they wanted to add. We then added a second colour to see what would happen. Although the books and activities are perhaps more focused for Hannah's age the older girls enjoyed noticing more specific details. As soon as blue was added to green they both said "turquoise".
It's lovely how such simple things can be so much fun.
Please also notice Ruth's lovely long earrings. Unfortunately both Ruth and Rachel have each lost one of their lovely (expensive) stud earrings that Nana bought them. They were a really good quality and were ones that generally don't have the backs falling off (often the cheaper earrings will loose their backs often). So we were all disappointed to not be able to find them. But as Ruth did not have any earrings in, Rachel decided it was a good opportunity to put some of her fancy earrings in for Ruth. They went really well with her dress and hair do. :-)
I have had a bit of a breakthrough today. Water intake is always a bit of an issue for me (I really don't like drinking water). The last few nights have been terrible though as I have gotten thirsty in the evenings and so have been having 3 or more trips to the toilet through the night. So something had to be done to get me drinking earlier in the day. The solution? My midwife's suggestion - having a bottle allocated to me that I need to finish. So I started with this 1.5l bottle and was so surprised to be almost finished before 3pm. We always have water at dinner for our supplements and so my glass was filled for me as it is every day. I looked at it and wondered if I could possibly manage another glass. But I did. So a very good day. And hopefully I can keep it up now as well as eliminating drinking anything after 7:30 or 8 so that I can sleep better at night too.
Hannah absolutely loves her brother already. She regularly says she wants to "see baby" and then tickles him, kisses him and chats to him.

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