Monday, May 30, 2011

Something new

Yesterday we got our new set of Bible books. Steve picked them up from church (in town) in the morning and gave them to us at bible study. The girls were so excited about "new" books. There are 52 stories (in a lovely box) as well as a program guide which has music and patterns for the songs and activities. There are half a dozen activities mentioned at the end of each book and I am looking forward to taking the time to go through each book with the girls doing some activities on each to help the story "stick". The program is focused on two and three year olds but I know Ruth (and even Rachel) will enjoy the stories and the activities that go along with them.
The other new things is my Pre-natal pilates program that I started last Monday actually. I bought this DVD with 2 other Pilates DVDs a while after Hannah was born as it ended up almost being free with the discount on buying all 3. So it is finally getting used. Most of you might think that pilates is just stretching but I was so terribly stiff and sore on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday that I actually booked a massage for Thursday night. The physio suggested I stop the pilates all together until I am "pain free". But after the weekend (with no pilates and loads of tight back muscles) I decided to start again this week but with only about half the program - doing all the stretches and leaving out anything that would be more exercises. It's a bit frustrating to not just do it all as it does not feel like much at the time but I know I need to get these muscles well stretched first. I think that will be the only way I can hope to be "pain free" (especially in my lower back). Once that happens I can then build up to doing the whole program again. In general my back is feeling quite good. I find at the end of the day I am a bit sore but that may also just be tiredness from the day. So I will persevere and hopefully be able to really strengthen my back well before I have to deal with labour.

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