Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Silly chook

The Lord was so gracious to me and allowed me a solid 8 hours of sleep in a row last night. I would have been happy with just 4 consecutive hours. So I felt so much better this morning. Thankfully I did have a bit of extra energy as I spent a bit of time this morning trying to chase the chooks back into their area. Eventually I called the girls to help me and when I came out again I noticed that one of the chooks was on a nest she had made - outside.
Eventually I got her off the nest and was so surprised to see how many eggs were there.
Ruth climbed in (the nest was in the bush behind them) and got 10 eggs!

And on the topic of birds - Tiger caught his first Magpie today. If you ask the locals they will tell you these birds can be a real pest. There are quite a few around our place but they always seemed way to quick for the cats. Tiger was not however interested in eating it so Patches got to play with it for a while. It was funny to see this small black and white kitten playing with a black and white bird that was almost as big as her. She was also not interested in eating it (although I think she tried). Perhaps they are just too tough.
Hannah was THRILLED to have her own Correspondence school bag arrive. I can see that the 4 library books that were included will be read A LOT over the next month. And would you believe when Hannah answered some questions about what she liked her big thing was PAINTING. So guess what came in her first posting. Bags of POWDER paint. Just as I had given up on the stuff. So although I did not tackle the powder paint today I did make the effort to get the older girls paints out for her to have a go. She told me she painted fireworks. I can see loads of painting is going to happen over the next month (and perhaps from now on) and so maybe those powder paints will be used up quickly enough and not go mouldy. :-)

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