Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thank you Lord

This morning Hannah had a hard fall and cut her lip. Normally I just don't deal well with accidents and especially not with blood. So I really do thank the Lord for helping me today to keep completely calm as I helped Hannah. By the time we got to the kitchen she had blood over half her face but I was able to stay completely relaxed as I cleaned her up and got her ice to suck on ect. Hannah has given me far more practice with dealing with blood over her 3 short years - far more than the 15 years combined of the older two. So she really has been good practice for having a boy. :-)
She was not too keen on me taking a photo as the red eye reduction light kept shining in her eyes. Her lip was quite banged up though and I so I was glad that she did at least eat some ice even if she did not put it on the lip itself - the cold was close enough. It definitely helped with the swelling (which started immediately). It was quite sore today though so I felt more in demand than normal with her today.
Thankfully she did eventually loosen her grip on me and play a little with her sisters. I do so love listening to all the different games they come up with.
Ruth's hair is looking a little odd - I know. I have been tightening the braids this week and eventually decided to just keep the "done" ones in a pony tail on top. Each day we just work on a few more rows.

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