Monday, June 27, 2011

What's up Hannah

Brendon had had a hard night with Hannah on Saturday night and unfortunately we had a repeat of it last night. She would wake often crying and complain that her tongue was sore or her tummy was sore or she would not even say what was wrong. We gave her some paracetamol and that helped but she still woke regularly through the night. Brendon slept in the spare bed so that he could get a good nights rest before work and I had Hannah in the bed next to me. At least when she woke through the night I did not have to get up for her, I could just rub her back and comfort her. Unfortunately I did not sleep well at all while we were away so I have now had 3 nights of not sleeping more than an hour or two at a time. I can feel it's catching up on me.
Just to be sure she did not have an ear or throat infection (as she was a little hot last night) I took her to the doc this morning. It was good to know her ears, throat and chest were fine. The doc felt her tummy and said that she thinks it may be worms. This would explain the fact that she has been eating like a horse for the last few months and why she has been having tummy aches more often lately. I had thought about de-worming her a month or so ago but was sure that she does not have Thread worm (the only de-worming meds you can buy here are for Thread worm). The doc agreed that it was not them and so for other worms she needs 6 doses of the meds (rather than just the one). So she wrote a script for them and we will get the meds in the post tomorrow. Hannah is also starting with a bit of a cold so she has not been a happy camper today. While I got dinner ready this afternoon I let her and Ruth just sit and watch a movie. Poor wee poppet - she has been looking so pale today and has not eaten much over the last two days. I pray that she will be feeling better soon and that the meds do help her.

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