Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Day

I phoned the doctors rooms this morning as I knew I had used their last test on Friday. They did not have more yet and so Brendon suggested I drive through to Amberley. Rachel will be attending a Holiday Art Club in Amberley this week so I took her in for the first day (and she got a lift home with the lift club). What a happy day to see such a lovely clear 2nd line. Thank You, thank You, thank You Lord Jesus. What an answer to prayer.
Rachel had already known about the first test on Friday but I decided I would now tell the others. So on the way home I asked Ruth if she remembered what she had said she wanted for Christmas. She immediately said "a baby". And so I explained to her that I had a baby growing in my tummy. She had lots of questions and was so excited that as soon as Dad got home this afternoon she told him about the baby. She was also excited about showing him how tiny the baby is. Just the size of a dot on a page (like the period at the end of this line). She found a piece of paper and showed him.
I must also make the note that at prayer time after dinner both Rachel and Ruth prayed that the baby will be a boy. I wonder if the Lord will answer their prayers with a yes???
And everyone was also very happy today to be so much warmer. So much so that we even braved a trip to the pool. On a normal day we would have said no - that the rain and lack of sun over the last few days would result in a cold pool (and at 20 it WAS cold). But Ruth got her new togs in the post today and so we knew she was extra keen to try it out.

Without much hesitation she was in the water. The togs have blow up pieces on the stomach and back so they help her to float without getting in the way of her swimming. As she gets more confident we can also put less and less air in.
And then she got really brave and jumped into the deep end.
The girls threatened to push Brendon in so he quickly got himself in.
So even though it was really cold it was so worth coming down. Ruth is thrilled with her new togs. And doesn't she look funny with the big tummy. :-)

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Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

So exciting Belinda - glad to see you've already added the lilypie tracker so we can pray with you as we track the days!
Ruth is very brave indeed...and I'm sure the new togs will be extremely helpful as she gains confidence in the water.