Thursday, January 13, 2011

Clevely's coming

The girls have again been counting down the sleeps as they are so excited about the Clevely family coming to visit. We got the last few things done this morning and even had enough time to make some extra place mats to go with our previous set.
Ruth was a great help with making these and then setting the table.
I got some pasta made for tomorrow's lunch. It's been ages since I last made and the girls enjoyed seeing how it's done.
The last hour of waiting for the guests to arrive is always the hardest for the girls. So I suggested they take Jaz for a walk and fetch the post.
The Clevely's arrived around 4pm just after Brendon got home from work. Lynn said it was nice to finally get to see everything that she has read about on my blog. Understand how long the drive is and immediately noticing that the girls were dressed the same. :-) We enjoyed a cup of coffee together and then headed over to get some milk. We got there just in time to see the last of the cows being milked.
Always fun on the back of the ute.
Then it was dinner and off for the traditional pig farm visit.
We generally start the tour with the sows and piglets.

This sow and her piglets looked so comfortable
in the evening sun. Already 6:45pm by now.

Before heading into the grower section we stopped on a little hill to get the top view and enjoy some milk tart for desert. It was nice for Brendon to get to explain a lot of how it works while the children played.
Once we were in the grower section the children were very patient in waiting for the pigs to come over. At first the pigs are very frightened but their curiosity does get the better of them.
Both Nick and Lynn are avid photographers and so it was a bit of a different tour - taking a bit more time at places for those special shots to get taken.
I was hoping to get a photo of both of them with camera in hand - but felt very self conscious taking photos of them. :-)

This is one of Lynn's photos. It's it just stunning? You can check out her blog entry of this day and all her lovely photos at The Clevely Chronicles.
The girls had a fun time at the farm again and were extra excited about traveling to and from our house with the Clevely family. They thought this back seat was so clever. They were a little tired though as it was already after 8pm.
We got the little two into bed and then some more fun began. Nick got his guitar out and Rachel played a bit on her violin. Eventually Rachel's ukulele was out and Nick tuned it for her and had a go (having never played one before). Lynn normally plays a mandolin but adjusted her thinking to guitar and joined Nick in playing through some of the songs in Rachel's ukulele book. We all enjoyed singing along to "On top of Spaghetti" and thoroughly enjoyed the other wonderful songs they performed for our entertainment. Eventually at 10pm we sent the older children to bed and enjoyed  some more chatting till we could no longer keep our eyes open. It was a really lovely afternoon and evening with them.

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Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

Oh I am glad you only put in a photo and not a video clip of our...ahem...entertainment!