Wednesday, January 12, 2011

African clothes

It was nice to get some more sorting done today which included finding a spot for the girls artwork. The reason they needed a new home is because I put the Bible Time Line and World Map up where they had been. We bought some nails on Sunday for Brendon's draw project and so that gave me the idea of getting them up here. Hannah was such a good helped and the stairwell looks really pretty now.
Rachel has been reading Noddy to Ruth lately. They will sit and read an entire book if there is nothing else that needs to get done. So Rachel is slowly passing on her book-worm-characteristic to her sister. :-)
I just love how Smokey got comfy on Ruth's lap. Such an affectionate little cat. What a blessing.
The girls are such a blessing too. Ruth was so excited when I asked her if she wanted to sweep for me. As part of my de-cluttering mission I decided to get the rugs out of this area. They just got full of grass and dust so quickly and then were just in the way of being able to sweep. So a simple change (getting the rugs out) and a small job every couple of days (just a quick sweep) and it feels so much cleaner and lighter (the rugs were quite dark).
There was a lovely surprise when Rachel went to fetch the post this afternoon. A big package with "Christmas presents" written on the side. I saw my Dad's name on the side as the sender and was so excited to see what my Mom had made (she had asked me for the girls measurements last year).

And it was not a surprise to have the girls immediately want to try their new clothes on. Apparently this material is now very popular in SA and it was lovely to have them looking so African. Hannah's dress is unfortunately a bit small. I will see if I can add a frill to the bottom or something.
While waiting to chat to Grandpa and Nana this evening (their Skype was down for a while) the younger two spent quite a bit of time here. Hannah was happy to just watch Ruth doing her colouring and they chatted away happily. So special. I am glad I did not get all stressed out and tell her not to sit on the table. She obviously had a better view that way. :-)

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