Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wet, wet and work

We have had a few overcast mornings lately but we finally got some rain today. It was still very warm out though so the older girls enjoyed played under the trees. They are having so much fun on Rachel's swing.
My focus through today was working with Ruth on getting her presents made. She finished off Hannah's and we managed to get Rachel's done too. I will post pictures on her blog after Christmas.
There was so much wind today that by the afternoon there were no clouds left in the sky and it was very hot. So even though it was so windy we headed down to the pool to help cool everyone off.
I cooled off enough just by being in my costume and did not get in. Hannah spent a bit of time in and then decided she was too cold in the wind. Ruth has started swimming to the side of the pool on her own.

She is really enjoying every opportunity to be in the pool and I am sure she will learn to swim really quickly. She even decided that she wanted to jump off here today. She must have jumped off at least 4 or 5 times and told Rachel it was so much fun. Hopefully as Rachel sees all the fun she is having it will encourage her to give it a try.
Unfortunately I hurt my back this morning and there were no open appointments with the chiropractor today. I could just feel that I had put something out and that it was not just muscle. I had to try cope with lots of ice through the day as well as anti-inflammatory. Brendon rubbed this cream on for me when he got home after dinner I took another anti-inflammatory so thankfully I got a good nights rest. It's been a challenge for me this week to really trust God with all my plans. I have been waiting for my Electric Cookie press to arrive and have had to plan my days literally one step at a time.
I had no idea I would be planning another trip to town. I happened to chat to a friend today and she invited us for lunch tomorrow, so at least the trip will be for more than just a visit to the doc.
After dinner Rachel and I head upstairs for her to continue working on her Christmas presents. She has started on Hannah's dress now and is so very excited about making them. As we will be going into town tomorrow we decided to put zips in the back (which I will buy tomorrow) rather than buttons. So Ruth's is done except for the back seam.
While we are busy Brendon lets the little ones watch something. Today Hannah chose Mary Poppins. Ruth had come over and said "I want a cuddle" and so even though it was hot Brendon accepted the extra warmth. I love how Hannah has become so much more affectionate lately. She snuggles in close and it's such a blessing. We are thankful to Ruth for the wonderful influence she has been on Hannah.

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