Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eclipse of the Moon

One advantage to facebook is finding out about lovely events like today's Eclipse of the Moon. I even got reminded after 9pm to go and look (I had forgotten by then). There was a beautiful sunset and so we enjoyed looking at that while we looked for the moon. I know it sounds really funny, but we know where to look for it in winter (as it's dark early enough for us to see it's brightness at night) but had no idea where to look during summer. We enjoyed the beautiful clouds on the South side of the house and as we were walking around I just managed to spot the moon as it came over some trees (on the north side). I quickly realized I would need my tripod to take any good photos so I got that out and played around (I have no knowledge about night photography). We woke Rachel up to enjoy watching it with us. It was a special evening (although late for all of us) and we thank the Lord for the blessing of being able to watch some of His wonderful creation.
Sunset at 9:48
Almost full eclipse - 9:54
9:55 with a little more light for you to see
10:01 and the moon starts to move out from
the shadow of the earth.





10:17 It's getting so bright I had to change my settings
to show you how much is now reflecting the sun's light.

10:20 Another setting so you can see more detail

10:25 Almost half way now. It's getting so bright now though that the photos are looking more and more fuzzy. Plus we are tired so we are off to bed. It was amazing to watch and we thank the Lord for the beautiful clear sky.

10:27 and finally on her way back to bed.

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