Monday, December 20, 2010

Good progress

Ruth is doing so well with her violin. She is loving her book and just wants to learn new songs all the time. She diligently plays through all the songs she has already learnt and then wants to carry on. I was especially proud of her today for playing while looking at the music. She hit the wrong string a few times because of this but I think she is just doing so very well. When she looks at her bow she can get it perfectly but she knows I want her to learn to follow along with the music. She continues to amaze me how quickly she can pick tunes up. She was learning a new song the other day and after struggling to "get it" I asked her if she would like me to play it for her. I played it through twice and she immediately took the violin and played it perfectly. I am so thankful for the enjoyment she gets from practicing. She has really made such amazing progress in the last two weeks. Her teacher is going to be so surprised when she gets to listen to her play.
Other progress today was on Christmas presents. Once Hannah was off to her room for her afternoon room time Ruth and I got busy with Hannah's Christmas present (from Ruth). She got really good at working with my sewing machine. We had really tiny things to sew on and so she would push the button that makes the needle go up and down and then would lift the foot and I would shift the material as needed, she would lower the food and repeat the process. We got a really nice rhythm going and we managed to get a lot of work done on the gift. I am sure we will get it finished off tomorrow and then we can start on Rachel's one.
Rachel also made good progress on Ruth's dress this evening. She enjoys listen to A Little Princess while she sews. It helps her not to miss any evening reading time she uses to get the sewing down. The girls are so excited about their home made presents.

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