Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lovely church library

It was great to get into town for church again this morning. As usual Rachel came home with a pile of books from the library. Here she is looking through them, reading the first few pages of each book and deciding on the order in which she will read them. She was so pleased to find books about John Newton and William Wilberforce (after watching the movie "Amazing Grace"). The girls also all got little Christmas activity books which are being enjoyed by them all.
And Brendon and I are not left out. We got the 6th and final DVD in the Love Comes Softly series as well as this DVD by John Piper. We have had the book for a while although I am only half way through it. We got to watch the first hour of this seminar though and I was already so blessed. I feel as though he is speaking right to my heart.
This evening I got to spend some time helping Rachel with Ruth's dress. It's coming along nicely. We don't have a pattern, so at each step I just show her what seam we need to do and she carries on. She pins, sews and then over locks. I am always available if she needs to check things with me but she is really enjoying doing this in many ways on her own (she is doing all the cutting and sewing - I am just the human pattern instructions really).

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