Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another trip to town

When Brendon came to say goodbye to me this morning I spotted this sunrise through the just-open curtain and jumped out of bed to get a shot of it (at 5:23am). It was just magnificent.

I got to make the cheesecake for Friday afternoon early this morning and then once the post had arrived (and I could see that my cookie press had arrived) we headed into town. At least we could make it a more beneficial trip as we got to visit friends.
Rachel enjoyed playing a bit on the boys Cello and then got to hear Layla on her harp. Such a beautiful instrument.
We had a lovely lunch and then I headed off for my appointment with the chiropractor. The wind today has again been so terribly strong that my neck was horribly stiff by the time I got to her (driving was quite difficult). She manipulated 3 areas back into place and the main first-problem-area where it started yesterday (around my shoulder blade high on my back) clicked so very well. I heard at least three nice clicks in that one manipulation and felt so much better. I was thankful to be able to reverse out of her driveway and actually be able to turn around. The trip home in the wind was not pleasant and my muscles were really tight again. But I am hoping that with regular ice I can get the muscles to relax quickly.
The girls had a wonderful visit (while I got a bit of shopping done including the zips) and I just love how Hannah cuddled their dog. We will be dog-sitting a German Shepherd for two weeks after Christmas and I am starting to wonder if there is a chance we may be looking at getting another pet in the near future....
I bought pizza for dinner (a nice treat when I have had a trip to town) and as soon as we had eaten I got started on my first batch of cookies. I wanted to check how the new press worked. I will do some more baking with the girls tomorrow. But at least 100 cookies have already been made.
On the way home Hannah had said she wanted to watch the movie with the tiger. Eventually she changed that to lion and after a lot of questions I finally realized it was The Wizard of Oz. Ruth said she did not want to watch that again. Hannah was terribly tired though and so we allowed her to have the choice (as yesterday's choice of Mary Poppins was actually instigated by Ruth). Ruth decided she would watch it again and told me afterwards that it was ok. She especially liked the part where they all "get their hearts and things" - it was a nice part where everyone was happy.

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