Thursday, December 23, 2010

A busy day with many biscuits made

The girls got Christmas crackers from their friend yesterday and enjoyed wearing the crowns this morning.
Another item we got from them was the boys old Math curriculum. Ruth was so excited about getting her own Math-U-See work that she wanted to start right away.
After morning tea we got started on biscuit making.

The girls enjoyed helping make the dough and then help press out the cookies with my new electric cookie press.
With the manual one it was so hard for me that they could not help at all. So it was nice that they got to help with more on this level this year.
Rachel was even able to use it on her own.
After lunch (once Hannah was in bed) we got started on the icing. We are thankful for the lovely big counter we had and decided it would be easiest to just get them all out and done in one go. The girls enjoyed doing as much of the icing as they could. I think Rachel's arms were really tired by the end as she managed to do quite a lot.
Then they had some fun icing the few extra shapes we had made with normal cookie cutters. 100s and 1000s are always a welcome extra. :-)

I was so thankful for all the extra help I got this year with the icing and the girls really enjoyed it too.
As the biscuits were all out and ready I decided to not wait for Hannah to wake up (or Brendon to get home) to start the packing. Last year Hannah really enjoyed helping pack but Bob and Lynn had said they would come for a visit this afternoon so we wanted to get them done. The girls worked really well and we got a nice production line going. We made 340 little Christmas trees and got 68 packages made up. Well done girls.
Then it was time for a visit with Bob and Lynn. We had a lovely long visit with them and I enjoyed chatting so much I missed taking a photo of them with the girls. We do miss living next door to them. They were wonderful neighbours and we are so very thankful that they continue to be such wonderful friends.
The girls all love their new pajamas and look so flash.
Rachel got the girls dresses finished off this evening. She has loved making them but is so nervous about Ruth being happy with it. I am sure Ruth is going to be thrilled though - and Hannah too.
9:30pm and finally Rachel is heading for bed. She has had a few late nights this week with the sewing (and missed out on quite a bit of reading due to that too). I do think this is going to be a Christmas to remember though and I think we have a new family tradition. The home made presents have already brought so much joy to each of them.

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