Monday, December 13, 2010

Videos of fun and music

Yesterday evening we put an Andre Rieu DVD on for the girls after their bath. For some reason this song sounded to Hannah like Rachel's Musical Box Ballerina dance and so she started. Ruth soon joined in and they had so much fun. So cute.

Ruth decided to be our late afternoon entertainment today and had us all in stitches as she sang "Amazing Grace". I just love the way she uses her arms and at the end she says "Now everybody join in". At some point Hannah also decides she should rather accompany her on the violin. Such beautiful playing Hannah. :-)

Rachel offered to join in to help them get some of the words right. This just encouraged Ruth more in her conducting role though (especially noticed at the end).

After all the laughing I suggested Rachel play "Amazing Grace" for me. This is the reason the girls have been singing it so much lately. Her violin teacher wrote some music out for her but I am not able to read the hand written music very well and just can't get into this one. So Rachel is running ahead of me here. I know (and so does she) that she is not getting all the notes right. But she is playing it without music. So if I could find some nice music I would be able to help her more. For now I think she is doing amazingly well.

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Aliadelaide said...

Oh that is so beautiful Rachel! You play with such expression.