Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hug, hack and hair

Had to get a photo of Tiger hugging smokey.
Sleeping so comfortably. Suck sweet cats.

Smokey was hugging too.

Last week the owners had the hedge trimmed and there were quite a few branches that had fallen into the property that we had to pick up. So while we had the ute around we got hacking. There were quite a few bushes and trees that needed to be cut back and we sure got cutting.

After 3 loads on the back of the ute we decided to borrow the owner's trailer for the last lot.
We have decided to buy a trampoline for the girls for Christmas and saw that this spot would be a perfect place for it. Well, one the huge rose bush had been removed. It was so overgrown that it was over a meter from the fence (in front of were Ruth is standing) but the plant is actually on the other side of the fence. Only Rachel knows about the present and it was a good motivation for her to actually help with the gardening today.

Ruth and I made Fruit Brulee this afternoon.

And then it was time to get the hair done. She wanted to be like
the other girls last night and have spray on her hair. So we had
to get that washed out. It was funny to have one of the girls
last night ask why Ruth does not have a lot of hair. Oh- she does.

Hannah had her hair washed too and also wanted
to have her photo taken. :-)
And after the wash.

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