Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Such wonderful girls

I developed a sore throat through the night and when I woke this morning I felt terrible. Rachel chopped some garlic up and I had that with honey. I do hate it as much as she does but I hate the sore throat more. Thankfully it did help my throat but I was just exhausted. I put "Pretty Ballerina" on and Ruth enjoyed learning the dances. Such focus on her little face. She really had fun though. It was nice to just sit and watch. I had no energy to do anything else.
By 10 I was lying on the couch feeling so tired. Ruth came over and rubbed my head for me. Such a sweet girl. I realized though that I was falling asleep and that I may just as well go to bed. The girls played wonderfully. I came through to make lunch and then once that was done got Hannah ready for her room time and then headed back to bed myself. It was really sweet to hear Hannah singing "Amazing Grace" from her room. Her playing was soft enough though that I managed to sleep some more.
When I got up in the afternoon to get dinner ready I saw that Rachel had kept Ruth busy in the afternoon by making an extra math sheet for her to do. What a special big sister she is. Ruth had done all the exercises in her book of the lessons that I had done with her so Rachel decided to just give her an extra lesson and then a test. Well done Ruth. You got 3/3.
My dear husband even went out in the rain this evening to get Tiger down from the tree. He had run up here earlier when Jaz had whined for the girls to come and play. I was eventually quite worried he would not come down though. So my wonderful husband went out to get him. He obviously wanted to get down because as soon as Brendon got there he started moving towards the trunk of the tree. He was still quite scared though and so unfortunately the broom was used to encourage him to get down. He quickly ran inside and I was pleased to see him eat something. I do hope he gets used to Jaz soon. And I also hope my head cold clears soon too. I am so thankful for the wonderful girls I have who allowed me so many hours of sleep today. I really needed it.

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