Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Parcels in the post

I was so very thankful that I felt much better this morning. And on top of that the post arrived with the girls new high chairs. Hannah though the side looked like a harp. :-)
We quickly had them assembled (the girls enjoyed helping) and the girls are very pleased. It's nice for them to have a normal looking chair (that you can climb on and off easily) but that can adjust to their height. So they are both sitting at the highest position (as our dining room table is very high) but as Ruth's legs are longer her foot rest is lower.
The other items that arrived in the post were two books for Rachel. They have the sheet music for Violin as well as a cd with accompanying music. The girls just love The Sound of Music and Rachel has really been enjoying working out the music for different Christmas carols. The Christmas one is Level 2-3, so it's going to take her a while to work on them. But she is very excited about it having music from the Nutcracker in it too.

Rachel was so excited and got playing straight away. She is already playing along to Edelweiss. I know it's not a masterpiece (yet) but I think it's just excellent for her very first day of having the music. And it's hard to play along with accompaniment as you can't take your time to find your fingering - you have to just keep going. She has started working on a Carol melody but as there are two new songs for her to learn she will just have to keep practicing a while before she can play along with the cd (it's really quick). She is very excited about it though and I am sure she is going to have a lot of fun with these in the months to come.
It was a nice still afternoon so we decided to take the girls down to the pool. The temperature this afternoon was probably only around 24 today, so the pool was not too cold at 23. Again I did not get in and Hannah was soon out. But again Ruth had a wonderful time - even jumping off the high step with Dad.
She is not afraid to get her head under to practice swimming either. Just before we left Rachel also got her head under and did a bit of practicing too. I hope she has finally realized that if she puts her head in nicely the water won't go up her nose.
And there is always time for some plain old fun.
An update on Jaz and the cats. Smokey continues to show interest and Tiger continues to show fear. There is improvement with Tiger though as I managed to hold him on my lap this evening while watching Jaz outside and he eventually stopped shaking. 

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