Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ribbon, rinse and roast

The girls have missed a few days of practicing the violin but have gotten back into it again. Hannah always makes sure she has a turn too. Even though it may only last for a minute or two. She does hold the violin and bow very nicely and she gets lovely sounds (even though monotonous at least they are not screechy). I just thought she looked so precious with her little fountain today though. Rachel loves doing her hair (when Hannah will let her) and giving her jewellery to wear.
Today I finally got to have a look at The Fly Lady site that a friend had told me about many many years ago (and mentioned again recently). I have picked up bits of their advice from different people over the years but finally got to the source myself. And I am so pleased I did. I got started on the 31 days of baby steps of which day one is Go Shine Your Sink. So here is my sink. Looking like it has NEVER looked before. I ended up reading through the first 8 days and feel I can get all these things going straight away. So I got started on my 2 min Hot Spot and 5 min Room Rescue and have made plans to add my 15 min de-clutter to my schedule from tomorrow. Already a number of things that I have read on the site have helped me put things into perspective and given me hope for those areas in the house that I just feel I never get to.
This evening we had stuffed apples for desert. We specifically bought these smaller apples for this dish and Ruth was so excited about doing another recipe from her Correspondence School Library book (which we are borrowing through the holidays). Yummmyyyyy.

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