Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dead ferret and talking mouse?

The girls excitedly ran into the house this morning telling me that there is something dead in the garden. Rachel has been reading "The children of Cherry Tree Farm" and "The adventures of Willow Farm" and told me that there was a little black tip on the tail of either a ferret or a weasel and that was how you tell them apart.
I have heard people often talk about the ferret's here in NZ so I could tell her that it was a ferret. And that it was a good think it was dead as they have a reputation of eating chooks. Thankfully it did not make it to our chooks. We don't know if the cats killed it (it's likely). It's strange that they have not eaten it.
This afternoon I took Rachel to watch Narnia - the Voyage of the Dawn Treader - in 3D. When I looked on-line yesterday the "no free tickets" sign was off. I was surprised it was so soon but thought it was lovely that Rachel would not have to wait until after Christmas to see it. She has been so looking forward to this.
We ended up being very fortunate that we were able to use our free tickets. We did not have free 3D tickets and although Brendon and I were able to pay in the difference when I saw my first 3D movie in May the computer systems have since changed and they are not able to use these tickets with 3D movies at all. The manager was called out and I explained that we had travelled an hour to get here, having used these tickets for 3D earlier this year, having phoned about using these tickets last week (and just being told that I needed to wait for the "no free tickets" sign to be off)... He explained the new computer system and that when 3D was new they were able to do it but it has changed. He even noted that the movie was still in it's time of "no free tickets".
I assured him that when I checked the Internet yesterday it was not noted. Thankfully it was the 3:20 show - so it was not busy - and he felt compassion for us and gave us tickets. We had our glasses from May and so he did not even charge us the extra. What a blessing. He even gave us seats in the back row - one of two very fancy rows where there are two seats together and then a break. We felt quite VIP.
We both really enjoyed the movie. Rachel was thrilled to watch a movie in 3D. She was not so thrilled at how scary they had made it though. I noticed how a number of the changes just helped give them more fighting scenes. :( I suppose that's what has made a lot of movies so popular lately. Thankfully Rachel was prepared for the fact that things would be changed around. She knows the stories so very well (knows exactly what order they went to each place) but I was pleased she did not allow that to upset her but could just enjoy it. As a friend commented - the boat was magnificent. Within the first few minutes I found myself just amazed at how beautiful it was. Thank you Lord for this little treat.

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