Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ballet Concert Videos

Rachel was in the opening item: Music box ballerinas. She is 3rd from the left.
She was so very excited about wearing a tutu.

Second Item: Butterflys (Part 1). Ruth is third from the left (front row). I focus in on her at the beginning so that you can see how nicely she is keeping in time with the music (before you can actually see who is who).
It was a hard group with 12 young girls. They did really well though. Especially well done to Ruth who is 1 1/2 - 2 years younger than the others and she did this part perfectly.
Butterflys (Part 2)
I am so proud of you. Well done Ruth.

Rachel's solo. She was so pleased that again this year all the girls that got honours in their exams were given a solo to do at the concert.
And again she did her solo incredibly well and made me very proud. Well done Rachel. God really has given you a wonderful ability to dance so beautifully.

Ruth in "At the Codfish Ball"
The 2nd half of the concert was "Sea-Time".
Well done Ruth.Ruth

Rachel as the leading fish in "Fishy Business"
A shark has come and danced before them. So at the end of this section they have heard the shark.

"Fishy Business" Part 2. The shark has been out again and now it's their turn again. Then the shark shows up and the fish catch it.

The finale. My girls come on at around 2min.
Check out the penguins and octopie - such wonderful costumes.

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