Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ballet Concert

The girls had a final practice at the venue at 2pm. But as the venue is almost an hour from home we just stayed in the area for the afternoon. The girls enjoyed having MacDonald's for dinner and then we made the back of the van into a "bed" for us to have a rest.
Then it was makeup time and time to get dressed. Ruth was so excited about getting make up on.
They look so very beautiful.
My beautiful butterfly.

Ruth's group at butterflies.
My beautiful Music Box

Rachel's group as the Music Box Ballerinas.
Ruth came over and asked me to take a photo of her and Rachel in this
circle with the other dances. She felt so special being with the bigger girls.
Rachel's solo outfit. She loved the "crown"
with the tassels. She looked beautiful.

And beautiful lace work on the front.
The programme.

The second half was called "Sea-Time"

Rachel was so pleased to have her drawing included.
Ruth as a lobster in the Codfish Ball dance.
Rachel as the leader fish in Fishy Business.
 The girls had such a wonderful evening and they both danced so very well. Well done girls. I am so very proud of you both.

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