Monday, November 1, 2010

Working things out

Ruth is so pleased with her puzzle. I put it up in her room today. It will be a very special reminder to her of the puzzle skill she had when she was only 4.
Brendon will get petrol for the ride on this afternoon. For now it's a fun game for the girls. They have spent ages out there today.
I have come up with yet another idea to help Rachel keep track of what she needs to get done in the day. She is thrilled with it and enjoyed choosing different colours for the different items. The daily jobs are put above each day. The items at the top she needs to try and get to at least once every week. Let's hope it lasts.

Rachel is so enjoying practicing on the violin. She was thrilled to have found the start of Twinkle Twinkle on her own today. She is really looking forward to her first lesson tomorrow.

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Mary said...

Well done, Ruth! And Rachel's chart looks great. I'm afraid the little chore pieces would get lost at our house....