Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My three precious girls

The girls enjoyed some painting outside this morning. It was a little windy but the stones kept everything down well enough.
I will definitely take my camera along to violin practice next week as it was just so special watching all three of my precious girls playing along with the teacher. Amanda had brought along her daughter's little violin (just a bit smaller than Ruth's) and she was thrilled at how well Hannah held it and the bow. She got some lovely sounds out of it too. Then they all practiced their 4 counts on each string and she accompanied them on the piano. Hannah was just playing whatever she wanted but the other two played so nicely and it was wonderful music they created with her.
She was very impressed with the bigger violin that Rachel has been lent. She got them all tuned and played a little. She plays so beautifully. She even played a little of the South African National Anthem. She says it is her favourite anthem. And it sure was beautiful hearing it played on the violin.

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