Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tiny egg

Brendon went to check for eggs this morning and found this TINY one. He teased Rachel and hid all the other eggs and left only this tiny one in the fridge for her breakfast. She was just amazed as we were to see such a tiny one.
Ruth was up even later, so we kept the egg for her to see. She then had it with a normal size one for breakfast (you can see there was not even a yoke).
Hannah plays really well on her own. She made up her
own game and was happily playing under the table.
With Brendon struggling with a head cold since Thursday we decided to not go into town for church this morning. I had a bit of a sore throat last night too, so a quiet day at home was needed. In the late afternoon we were both feeling a lot better and decided to get a bit of grass cutting done (it's gotten so long). Unfortunately I did not even get to finish the front lawn and we ran out of petrol. At least we tried though.
Playing a game with Rachel. Canterbury Crusaders
flags remind her of the horses at the rugby.


Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

There was an article in our Timaru newspaper today about a Canterbury woman who claimed the earthquake was the cause of one of her chooks laying smaller wasn't you, was it?! Interesting though that you're also having smaller eggs - wonder what would cause that?

Buckland said...

Ha,ha,ha. No - it was not me. Thankfully it was only the one. We had that HUGE egg 3 weeks ago (also on a Sunday morning). So it's been a funny egg month. :-)