Thursday, November 25, 2010

Steep climb

Hannah does not often sleep during her room time after lunch. Today I found her dressed up like this - having a lovely time playing. Such a sweet girl.
This afternoon we had our last Brownie / Guide / Ranger meeting for the year and we did a 3km walk as part of the Term 4 challenge of seeing how high we can climb. It was quite a steep walk as the 1,5km got us 160m up. You can see how far away that river looks.
We had a really lovely afternoon. I was given the job of leading the girls. So on the way down we ended up getting a bit further away from the tail as it's always exciting to see how quickly you can get down. It took us 25 min to get up and only 15 min to get down (20 min for the back of the line). You can see the back of the line just coming over the ridge. It was a beautiful day and I think it was really enjoyed by everyone. We had 15 girls and 6 leaders/mothers. So together we added a good 3,200m to the GirlGuiding total for the term (if you are checking the Math 5 of the adults did a little less of a climb as we had to part the cars at a higher spot).

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